Portfolio Update

Gresham House Strategic plc

Gresham House Strategic plc invests primarily in UK and European smaller public companies, applying private equity style techniques and due diligence alongside a value investment philosophy to construct a focused portfolio expected to be comprised of 10-15 companies

The investment manager aims for a considerably higher level of engagement with investee company stakeholders, including; Management, shareholders, customers, suppliers and competitors, in order to exploit market inefficiencies and support a clear equity value creation plan, targeting above market returns over the long-term

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Research note

Independent research from Hardman & Co.
on Gresham House Strategic plc

Focusing on areas of the market that are inefficient and where ‘value’ may exist, in order to capture a long term premium

The Strategic Public Equity approach to investing has a track record of superior performance in the long-term when compared to the smaller company indices