Significant Holdings Deal type % ownership of the company % of total portfolio Value***
Secondary – growth and re-rating
Shares help directly in GHS portfolio, includes:  10.3%  29.3%  £11.7m
  • Shares held subject to co-investment agreement with Gresham House Strategic Public Equity LP (SPE LP)
  • Shares expected to be held throughout the term of the SPE LP co-investment agreement
Shares expected to be automatically sold to the SPE LP at 193.5p per share, pending further fund raising within the SPE LP  1.8%  5.2%  £2.1m
Total interest in IMImobile  12.1% 34.5%  £13.8m
northbridge Recovery and growth capital 11.4%  8.0%  £3.2m
   Growth capital supporting buy & build strategy 10.6% 6.5% £2,6m
   Secondary, operational gearing and AUM growth 2.7%  5.0% £2.0m
   Pre-IPO growth capital
Convertible Loan Note/equity
 n/a  3.9% £0.4m/£1.6m
   Secondary – Operational initiatives, organic growth and acquisitions 2.1%  3.4%  £1.4m
  Primary – Growth through site rollout with attractive cash generation and return on capital dynamics 4.6%  3.3%  £1.3m
   Secondary – Growth Capital at distressed valuation 1.2% 3.2% £1.3m
   Secondary with planned primary growth capital to support future potential acquisitions  4.4% 2.8% £1.1m
   Secondary – Recovery and growth  16.2% 2.6% £1.0m
   Secondary – Strategic refocus, operational initiatives 1.1%  2.1% £0.8m
   Primary – New Equity issue to support growth following shift in business model 1.4% 2.1%  £0.8m
 Other Investments 6.8%  £2.1m
 Cash (GBP) and other working capital items 15.8% £6.3m
 Net asset value £39.7m

*All holdings in the portfolio above 2% of NAV.

**Correct as of 29 September 2017 month end NAV announcement, released 02 October 2017

*** Value has been rounded to 1 decimal place of a £mil